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I contributed a short piece that describes my zine making process to this zine about zines. A trade publication of sorts. Billy Zines edited it and you can now get it at his etsy shop. Neat!

Do you like reading zines about zines? You know you do!


the year in poetry

March 20, 2018

For John Porcellino

In the evening
the expectant hush
palpable from the small audience

Having dealt with the pause
with humor
a lip to his finger
he sips pop from a can

The first image from his talk
on the projector,

A pause
then he begins with


and heavy


May 7, 2018

The play of all her feelings as she reads from her phone –
a smile full and open


Incredulity in her mouth – pulled to one side in smirk


Expectancy – a brief twinge of slow annoyance,
or vague disgust


A smile again and silent laughter.

Sun illuminates half of her face as we ascend,
out from the tunnel

Her shirt gathers in a series of wrinkles,
she leans against the half wall and window by the door

Her weight largely on one leg,
one hip slightly raised


May 18, 2018

  1. A small black beetle, or flying ant, or other such divided insect, crawling on the thigh and then disappearing over the calf of the woman sitting next to me on the train.
  2. A dream of zombies. Flesh shorn and chewed. Gnawed. Inevitable and foreseen.
  3. The collapse of insect ecosystems and the disappearance of pollinators.
  4. Waking to another school shooting. Nightmarishly routine. Nauseatingly apathetic. Our nation’s meaningless thoughts and useless prayers.
  5. The world ending. The world breaking.


October 30, 2018

Tired. The changing of the seasons, tired.

Tired. Waking to a tantrum throwing child, tired.

Tired. It is no longer day, only night, tired.

Tired. The air heavy with dry leaves, tired.


A list of writers who influenced me in some way that directly affected my own writing. Presented in order of first encounter.

Autumn Mather
e.e. cummings
Langston Hughes
Allen Ginsberg
Tristan Tzara
William S. Burroughs
John Porcellino
Barry Gifford
Joan Didion
Anders Nilsen
Michael Ondaatje
Sofia Samatar
Renee Gladman

reading watching listening

Upgrade Soul – Ezra Clayton Daniels
Cloud and Ashes: Three Winter’s Tales – Greer Gilman
Books and Islands in Ojibwe Country: Traveling Through the Land of My Ancestors – Louise Erdrich
Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art and Made History (In That Order) – Bridget Quinn
Battling Boy – Paul Pope
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – J.K. Rowling
Tongues #2 – Anders Nilsen
SuperMutant Magic Academy – Jillian Tamaki
Afar – Leila Del Luca and Kit Seaton
As We Have Always Done – Leanne Betasamosake Simpson
Proof I Exist #29 Billy McCall
Men in the Off Hours – Anne Carson
A Different Pond – Bao Phi and Thi Bui
Crawl Space – Jesse Jacobs
Rust Belt Arcana – Matt Stansberry
Writing a Riot: Riot Grrrl Zines and Feminist Rhetorics – Rebekah J. Buchanan
Casi Libros 2 – Mariela Arzadun
My Pretty Vampire – Katie Skelly
The Crankelet’s Chronicle 1 – Ellen Lindner
Caboose #8 – Liz Mason

Absolutely Fabulous
Dr. Who
Swansea City
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Golden Girls
Dragula Season 2
Carol – Todd Haynes
Mary Poppins Returns
Early Man
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 4
The Snow Queen at Filament Theatre

QEEI – Tatiana Heumann
Psychic Hearts – Thurston Moore
Bodiless – Ale Hop
Born Again In The Voltage – Caterina Barbieri
Ecce Homo – Ipek Gorgun
Brancusi Sculpting Beyonce – Lamin Fofana
In Gleam – Nadia Khan
Desire Loop – Lori Scacco
Paraiso – Adelaida
Soda Pop * Rip Off – Slant 6
Sound in Time, Pass and Stow, and Rainbows from Atoms – Lungfish
Weirdo Shrine – La Luz
Geogaddi – Boards of Canada
Gun Hill Road – Infesticons