i used to publish a zine called flotation device. that’s where the name of this site came from. i don’t make it anymore. except sometimes i do.


issue 14 is about a band i used to play in and a store i used to work at. if you are interested in getting one, you can do so here! $2. cheap. it covers postage.

where is issue 13? this is the great mystery.

flotation device 12

issue 12 is all about trees and the experiences leading up to turning 30. warehouses! mexico! apartments! self awareness! flashbacks to treeforts! it’s all here. it’s 72 pages and you can read the whole thing for free right here.

flotation device 11

issue 11 is an all comics issue. i wrote about how i got into zines and self publishing and had friends and artists that were inspirations/influences on me draw them. you can download it here. it is a huge file – so i don’t recommend trying to open it in yr browser. just download it. or you can read it here at issuu. neat.

flotation device 10

issue 10 is all about my extended stay in costa rica where i stayed with a family for a couple of months to learn spanish. it’s outta print.

flotation device 9

issue 9 has converse allstars as its thematic link. a lot of growing up and life happened in my cons. it’s a double issue. it’s outta print.

there were earlier issues of course. some embarrassing, some had okay moments, some sucked. they’re outta print too. such is life.