band practice

February 24, 2017

After dinner he asks if we want to have a band. He plays his cat piano. She plays a ukulele. Per his request, I play my guitar. A few plucks, strums and plonks and he declares this the worst band ever.

You know what the most important part about being in a band is? I ask.


Having fun.

Then he starts us gain and we play for a longer duration.


February 8, 2016

Things said to me while I dreamt I was taking a German class at a community college.

That bike is like a tutor mobile. 

That bag makes you look like a dad.

Signing up for an account before class starts is like twenty percent of our grade.

how’d you get into jazz anyways?

What opened my ears to jazz? Funny you should ask. Hard to pin down exactly. But in an effort to oversimplify the unquantifiable, I think having the Minutemen and Sonic Youth in heavy rotation for years and then getting into the chord changes in drum and bass songs and then hearing Squarepusher’s Music is Rotted One Note when it came out helped.

Bonus Squarepusher cuz it’s so good –