holy shit! did you know a new monarch album came out in july? i just found out. stoked! unfortunately this album teaser thing is all i can find of it to share so far. but, it’s an awesome record from one of my favorite bands. word up.

i don’t know at what point i became such a fan of dooming droning monolith glacial metal, but it happened. be on the look out for a monarch themed wormhole that i’ll fall down and share. it seems to happen when they put out new music.


well, isn’t this everything! documentation of kraftwerk in their early longhair hippy experimental weirdo phase. before their man/machine singularity weirdo phase. as much as i love their machine music – it’s this early stuff that’s my true favorite. i’m glad this footage exists. i’ve seen snippets of it before, but never the whole thing.

also of note – dig the noise nerds who bob their head to synth squelch without rhythm. those nerds still do this! we’ve all been to those shows.

also – fucking klaus dinger, man!

school without homework? yes!

the following two links describe, very briefly, what an elementary school, k-2, without homework looks like. i hope this gets wheels and rolls out in other cps schools. little kids. do. not. need. homework.

they need to be kids.

this is going down at hamilton elementary school.

from a parent:

School is back in full-swing and Ellis is enjoying first grade so far. We’re very lucky that his school has become the only school in Chicago to institute a PDF Homework policy for K-2. PDF means Play Time, Down Time, and Family Time. That’s it. No assigned homework. For more about the policy and the thinking behind it, check out our principal’s blog. Most of the response to the new policy that I’ve seen has been positive. However, in a few places, I’ve seen people express concern that without homework, our kids won’t be learning at home. I beg to differ. Kids are always learning. Just because they aren’t doing worksheets doesn’t mean they aren’t doing “homework.” Here’s what our homework looks like.

from the principal. 

I listened to the advice of Malachi Pancoast and took a lot of vacation time (21 days!) this summer. It allowed me time to be with my family, read and THINK. It was definitely my best summer ever.

My four year old daughter attends pre-school at Alexander Hamilton where I am principal and she loves school. As a principal and a parent, I hope that my daughter:

1) Never stops loving school

2) Reads for pleasure

3) Doesn’t grow up too fast

There is no doubt my perspective on education has changed slightly since my kids were born. It has also been nudged along by progressive educators and parents at Hamilton.  I spent much of my summer vacation reading the work of Madeline Levine atChallenge Success as well as other studies on homework for elementary students.

I have decided to implement a new K-2 homework policy at Hamilton this year. Homework will be PDF – Play time, down time, family time. That’s it. Our teachers will not assign homework to K-2 students.

Play time — be outside, play with legos, play dress up, dance, be a kid…

Down time – Decompress, read a book, be alone, draw, relax, screen time(?)…

Family time – spend time with your parents and siblings doing whatever your family does. Read to your parents, have them read to you, play a board game, have a family dinner, go to a museum, go for a walk…

flotation device on tumblr

hi. i’ve started a tumblr. hooray. i’m trying to consolidate everything i do into one place, so – i’m not sure how frequently i’ll be updating this wordpress these days. i’ll prolly still use it for longer pieces or things that i need to kind of work on over time. things i have to think about. but those things come more slowly. if yr interested in following flotation device over in the tumblr social justice warrior space, go check out –

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word up!

radio loways july 2014

01. curiosidade – tom zé
02. doctor – priests
03. chuncho – yma sumac
04. bird’s lament – moondog
05. working men are pissed – minutemen
06. pat pong (solid groove mix) – pest
07. lento – café tacuba
08. textures liminales – ana maria avram
09. drown with the monster – white lung
10. world’s apart – j-live
11. six pack – esg

radio loways

the songs that took my attention in july of 2014. listen, won’t you?

unhelpful notes –

curiosidade is off of my favorite tom zé record com defeito de de fabricação. it’s also the first one i ever heard. my amazing spanish professor in college loaned me a bunch of music for the one semester i was in spanish. he loaned me this one and eventually all of the stuff that was reissued by lauka bop. tom zé is so meta you really have to know what he’s talking about and referencing to get the full scope of what he’s dealing with. so i miss out on a lot of it cuz i can only relate to the music as music. so some of his albums are lost on me – including musically. musically and conceptually this one is my favorite.

note. i actually like doctors. in theory. from a labor standpoint i’m not a fan of the american medical association and i will side with the nurses, always. also – i’m not a fan of the macho culture of doctors. not cool. but hey – i like priests, the band. aces!

how does yma do that with her voice? what’s going on? amaze.

pat pong came on randomly one day. it’s off of a slightly newer ninja tune compilation that i hadn’t listened to a bunch yet, so it kind of caught me by surprise. this one is like perfect joy happiness. i love it. repetitive, but perfectly so.

some of my favorite music involves the sound of instruments that aren’t traditionally played. these sounds that exist in this sort of nowhere place somewhere between noise, music, full completed and incompleted action. half gestures and implied intention. a lot of that sort of music exists in the world of ava maria avrum and she is one of my favorite composers of all time. yes!

six pack is truly one of the great love songs in the history of the world. truth.

(above and below, the fierce fabulocity that is yma sumac.)