reading watching listening

collected ghost stories – m.r. james
fábulas de una abuela extraterrestre – daína chaviano
inverting the pyramid – jonathan wilson
don’t know mind: the spirit of korean zen – richard shrobe
always in trouble: an oral history of esp-disk – jason weiss
written on the body – jeanette winterson
wool – hugh howey
the winds twelve quarters – ursula k. le guin
shift – hugh howey
the mysteries of pittsburgh – michael chabon
dust – hugh howey

pumas unam!
a documentary about rush of all things
battlestar galactica – we are so close to finally finishing this thing. then there will be tears.
red stars!
rupaul’s drag race season 6

eras – juana molina
matangi – m.i.a.
the chicago project – matana roberts
compiled 1981-1984 – malaria!
replicants – gary numan/tubeway army
invisible life – helado negro
lots of albums by boris
awe naturale – theesatisfaction
complete discography – moss icon


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